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Whether you are located around Zephyrhills or are an out of state investor, you’ve come to the right place! State Property Management Company is a full service management company dedicated to creating value for your investment by providing the highest level of experience and know-how.

With decades of experience, we provide rental management services to owners. You will profit from our experience in managing rental properties, and tenants will benefit from our licensed, qualified and professional staff.

We manage a wide variety of rental properties such as single family residential homes, multi-unit residential apartments, town homes, and condos. With our high level of expertise, we understand the value of offering outstanding tenant service and strategic property management.

In addition, we also offer Home Watch Services for those that require supervision of their second home while they are away. Professional Home Watch Services is more than an informal drive by or a quick walk-through. Our Home Watch Service is designed to offer complete management of all the services that need to be done in your absence.

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Our management company takes pride in its huge range of resources available to property owners.

We have a quick, efficient tenant screening process that yields only high quality, long-term tenants. We have a team of real estate attorneys who ensure evictions are done quickly and at the lowest cost to you. Our team understands that effective communication is key and our online portals help this process run smoothly.


We are constantly keeping up-to-date on industry best practices and regulations. Our company meets all state requirements and is in good standing with the Florida DBPR as a Real Estate Corporation.

Furthermore, we belong to almost all major real estate bodies such as AAGO (Apartment Association of Greater Orlando), NAR (National Association of Realtors), NAA (National Apartment Association), FAA (Florida Apartment Association), NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers), and the ORRA (Orlando Regional Realtor Association).


We guarantee the best property management services. We provide you with our experience in property management and implementing the most advanced and innovative services and policies. The result – reduced vacancy rates and improved lease renewal rates.


Our staff, from the front office and maintenance crew, to our dedicated property managers, supervisory personnel, and accountants – are dedicated to providing efficient property management services. Our team of specialists comes with decades of rich experience.

Zephyrhills Property Management Services

Lease Preparation

Drafting a lease or rental agreement is no easy task. Mistakes are in fact, easy to make. Our company works with experienced real estate attorneys who’ve written and reviewed hundreds of lease agreements. These agreements are tailor-made to suit each individual property and property owner’s requirements.

Property Advertising

To keep your rental property occupied, we utilize a diverse set of platforms to get access to a high-quality tenant pool. We use platforms such as online classifieds, MLS, and Craigslist among others. Our goal – to place high quality, long-term tenants quickly.

Tenant screening

Tenant screening is a vital part of the leasing process. It ensures that your rental property is occupied with quality tenants, while ensuring that Fair Housing Guidelines are met.

Our tenant screening process includes analyzing tenant credit reports and background checks. The result of our tenant screening yields tenants who are honest, creditworthy, respectful, responsible, and able to make timely rent payments.

Rent Collection

Late payment or missing rent altogether can cause setbacks. We ensure every month’s rent is paid on time as we have a professional but strict collection policy in place.

We have an automated system of receiving rent payments, tracking down due rent, sending out reminders, and disbursing payments.

Maintenance & Repairs

For long-term property value growth, your home’s maintenance is very important. For this reason, we take property maintenance seriously. Our objective here is to contribute to the achievement of your goals through appropriate and timely repairs.

Property Inspections

Regular property inspections are crucial to your property’s success. They will not only help keep your property in tip-top shape but will also ensure that tenants are abiding by the terms of the lease or rental agreement.

Our company conducts moving-in, moving out, and periodic inspections. In performing the inspections, we ensure that the tenants’ right to quiet enjoyment of their home is guaranteed.


Federal, state and local governments require accurate financial records of your rental property. We make sure to maintain all financial documentation relating to the rental property business.

We handle such things as yearly tax information, maintenance estimates, monthly income/expense reports, and keep proper accounting of all rent payments collected.

Tenant Evictions

Managing tenant evictions are an unfortunate, yet important aspect of leasing rental properties. With our services, you can rest assured that the eviction process will be carried out efficiently and that the property will be re-rented again as quickly as possible.

Our tenant eviction process fully adheres to the law. We don’t conduct “self-help evictions” such as turning tenant’s utilities off or locking their doors.

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Zephyrhills Area Information

Zephyrhills is a city in Florida. According to a recent census, the population there is estimated at 14,381. Zephyrhills is home to a couple of attractions that any tourist or visitor can visit.

For instance, there is the “Dade City’s Wild Things” – home to more than 200 animals. These animals range from primates such as baboons, lemurs, and macaques to big cats like African lions, Florida panthers, and jaguars.

Their Sunken Jaguar Trek and Jungle Safari Rides are guided adventures perfect for a fun-filled weekend getaway.

Additionally, there is the Zephyrhills Depot Museum located at 39110 South Avenue. The museum emphasizes the history of trains and Zephyrhills. The museum is housed in the restored 1927 Atlantic Coast Line Railroad depot.

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