Why Choose Us

We are dedicated to serving Orlando property owners needs as well as those of their tenants. We offer complete Orlando property management services to ensure that your investments are protected and performing well.

Diligent Property Marketing

Vacant properties can hurt your bottom line as they don’t generate passive income but still require maintenance and other costly upkeep. With our marketing services however, you won’t have to worry about long vacancy periods!

We will ensure that your rental property is competitively priced by comparing to other properties in the area. We will then make sure that we highlight the properties best features in the rental listing. Our goal is the reach as many prospects as possible to ensure that your units get snatched up quickly!

Tenant Screenings and Management

Having a qualified tenant staying in your property ensures that it and your investment are protected. You want a tenant who is going to consistently pay their rent on time, respect the terms of the lease agreement and take care of their rental property during their stay.

We perform a thorough tenant screening to ensure that prospective tenants meet all these requirements. What’s more, as your Orlando, FL property managers you can rest assured that we can handle any issues that arise during the tenancy.

Consistent Rent Collection

Collection of rent each month can be time consuming and stressful for landlord. With our rent collection services you won’t have to spend your time tracking down tenants late or missing payments. Your property manager will keep track of the rental payments and handle any issues that may arise on your behalf.

Detailed Property Inspections and Maintenance

Ensuring the health of your property paramount to protecting your investment property. That’s why we conduct regular property inspections to spot issues before they become costly and overwhelming. We can also tend to maintenance requests in a timely manner.

If we find areas in need of repair we act quickly! We have many with trusted contractors in the area so we can ensure that you’re getting the best price and quality work. What’s more, we will keep track of the expenses and ensure that repairs fall within you budget.

Risk Management and Administration

We believe in open communication and transparency that’s why we keep detailed records to ensure that you’re always informed on your Orlando properties performance. Local, state and federal governments all have jurisdiction over certain real estate management activities. This can include maintaining county operating licenses or managing escrow.

Our team at State Property Management LLC always meet these requirements when managing your long term investment properties.

You won’t have to worry about keeping track of your finances, operating licenses and tax forms. We will handle all that for you while keeping you in the loop. Our administration services provide you with more security and peace of mind.