If you’re looking for an excellent property manager in Oviedo, Florida, look no further, you’re in the right place! Founded in 2011, State Property Management LLC has been servicing Oviedo and surrounding cities in Central Florida. State Property Management LLC has the reputation of having fully satisfied customers.

Our professional property management team is available to help you regardless of whether you’re based in Florida or are from out-of-state. We specialize in managing diversified portfolio of properties, ranging from commercial properties and multiplexes to multi-unit and single-unit residential apartments, and condominiums and town homes. In addition, we offer a Home Watch Service for clients who own multiple properties and require them to be supervised in their absence.

Our team of property managers has both the experience and the expertise necessary to ensure that your investment property is being properly taken care of. Our goal at State Property Management LLC is to make sure that you get the best returns on your investment.

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More on State Property Management LLC in Oviedo

We have a dedicated management team

At State Property Management LLC, we have a dedicated team of professional property managers who work round-the-clock to ensure you, our client and landlord, get the best return on investment of your Oviedo rental property. Working with our team , you will experience peace-of-mind with the knowledge that your investment is being fully taken care of.

As your property’s manager in Oviedo, we will work to keep your property well maintained and occupied by high-quality tenants. We also keep accurate records of all work and transactions related to your property, suggest budget improvements and collect rents.

We market your property far and wide

At State Property Management LLC, we understand that a vacant rental property generates costs, not revenues. We make every effort to keep your investment property occupied. Our arsenal include special promotions and marketing, unique advertising strategies and traditional methods. We are continuously exploring additional methods to market your rental property.

We conduct in-depth tenant screenings

The best way to avoid difficult tenants is to not take them in the first place. For this reason we have a thorough screening process in place. We subject all applicants to our rigorous screening process to ensure that they are quality and desirable tenants.

We take care of the rent collection

Late and/or missing rent payments can cause setbacks, which are not ideal for you or your property. We maintain a strict and professional policy for rent collection with every tenant to ensure all monthly rent payments are paid on time. We also offer an automatic monthly payment system. The automatic monthly payment system makes it easier for tenants to avoid missed rent payments by paying their rent online!

We conduct regular property inspections

Apart from the standard move-in, move-out and periodic inspections, we occasionally conduct surprise inspections. Unscheduled inspections help to ensure that property is in good shape, and that the occupant tenants are upholding the lease’s terms.

We manage maintenance work and repairs of your property

Not only is the physical structure of a property (i.e. its electrical system and plumbing, landscaping, walls, appliances, pools etc) complex, it also differs largely from one state to the other and from one climate to the other.

We build and maintain good relationships with contractors and repair companies

We are able to use our size and reputation to get the best-possible services at the least-possible rates. We strive to preserve your investment’s property value by maintaining the capital expenditure budget and monitoring the quality of every maintenance and repair project.

Accounting and Record-Keeping

In order to prevent your property from becoming a liability in the eyes of the government, you must uphold every norm and requirement listed by the local, state and Federal governments. This includes, but is not limited to, escrow management, maintenance of operating licenses for the county, meticulous records of tax payments and accounting, etc. Additionally, every tenant interaction and activity is required to be meticulously recorded and carefully stored for a specified time period.

Several states have specific requirements in place to handle funds paid by the renters to disburse to the owners. At State Property Management LLC, we are extremely proud to meet all requirements for state licensing to manage your rental investment properties.

We serve tenants notices, and even evict them when necessary

We do our best to ensure that evictions rarely take place. In the event that they do, we deal with the whole process. Our team of property managers is well-versed with state laws pertaining to eviction. In the event that a tenant fails to uphold the terms of the lease, our team will take care of every detail to reduce costs. We will fill the vacancy with a new tenant with upmost efficiency.

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Oviedo Area Information

Oviedo was incorporated in 1925 and has roots that date back to just after the Civil War. Homesteaders came to the area to begin new lives. Early settlers to the area were attracted by the fertile land. They would grow crops and then travel to the bigger cities of Orlando and Sanford in order to sell their produce.

Oviedo is a short 25 minute drive from Orlando. It currently has a population of 37,128 according to http://cityofoviedo.net. It is primarily a residential area, however the major employers in the city are Duda and Sons, Oviedo Mall, Seminole State College, Seminole County Public Schools, and Publix. The median household income is $82,259.

At State Property Management LLC, we strive to meet all of your needs and exceed your expectations by maximizing your investment property potential.

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