Tips to Keep Your Orlando Home and Investment Safe

Are you looking to improve the safety of your Orlando rental property?

Keeping your investment property safe is important for you and your tenants. If renters feel unsafe in a property, they might start thinking about moving to a new place.

As a rental owner, it's important to invest in security improvements. Make it known to your tenants that security is among your top priorities. This will help you enjoy a lower tenant turnover rate and increase renter satisfaction.

In this article, we are going to list the top ways you can keep your property investment safe, no matter which Orlando neighborhood you live in. You'll learn about the various security improvements that can make a huge difference in terms of safety.

1: Install Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras are essential for rental home security. Install the cameras near the entry points of your property. A major benefit of having cameras installed is their crime prevention effect.

It's likely that a considerable number of thieves will think twice before trying to enter a home that has cameras. Purchasing a set of security cameras is a much smaller price to pay compared to dealing with the consequences of theft.

Even if someone did enter the property, you can review the footage and potentially send the security camera recordings to the local law enforcement officers.


2: Upgrade the Locks & Doors

Did you know that many burglars just kick open the door? Fortunately, you can install a deadbolt with a bolt that is at least an inch long. Switching from hollow-core exterior doors to metal or wood doors makes a difference, too.

Make sure that you have at least two locks at all the main entryways. Two possible approaches exist to make this happen:

  1. You could have one single-lock door with a lockable storm door.
  2. You can have a single door with two locks.

Check if your rental's door hinges are located on the exterior. Should this be the case, the thieves could remove the hinge pins and enter the property. The solution here is to have the door rehung in a way that positions the hinges inside the rental.

3: Conceal the Rental's Electric Wires

Burglars may ignore the security system. They could take a risk and try to cut the wires that power the system. That's why it's a good idea to hide any exterior wires in electrical conduits. This step is a potential deterrent for an intruder.

4: Trim Trees & Bushes

Trimming the bushes and trees surrounding your rental amounts to more than proper landscaping. Burglars often use the overgrown areas as a good hiding spot. Additionally, remove branches that could be used as a makeshift ladder to a balcony or roof.

bushes near home

5: Install Window Stops

Put window stops on your rental's double-hung windows. This stops the burglars from entering the property by sliding the window open to get inside the home. It lets your tenants ventilate the rooms by keeping the window slightly open without the risk of a break-in.

6: Ensure You Have a Security System

Not all rental properties have a solid security system. However, it's one of the best investments you can make for added security. The system acts as a great deterrent for intrusion and makes your rental more desirable for potential tenants.

If you already have a security system, run new renters through how everything really works. Your tenants may reserve the right to have their own access codes. It's a matter of privacy.

Even if your tenants have their own codes, you should make sure to have master access codes as well. This is crucial because your tenant could forget their code or disappear without telling you the code beforehand.

7: Install Motion Sensor Lighting

Proper external lighting is a great way to keep the burglars at bay. Make sure to have lighting that is triggered by motion detectors. The added surprise factor of motion sensors increases your rental home's security.

8: Keep an Inventory

A detailed inventory of the most expensive items in your rental property makes it easier to understand what went missing in the case of a break-in. For instance, the inventory can cover kitchen appliances, electronics, and furniture.

This list of items is going to make insurance claims quicker and easier. Plus, each time you conduct an inspection, you'll have a handy list at your disposal.

9: Put the A/C on the First Floor Window

Install the A/C unit on the rental property's first-floor window. Since these windows have become a typical entry point for burglars, you can block their convenient way of accessing the property.


10: Screen Your Tenants

Sometimes the issues arise from the people you least expect. It's important to properly screen your tenants in order to keep your Orlando investment safe.

Check your applicants' background and criminal history. Ask for references from past employers and previous landlords. Interview the applicants in order to learn more about their personality and behavior.

In a Nutshell: Keeping Your Orlando Home and Investment Safe

Every investment needs hedging against risks. One of the risks regarding rental properties is unauthorized entry and burglary. The theft and associated damages to the rental property can cost you a fortune.

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Install all the latest security measures. Not only will this protect your investment, it'll also make your rental more desirable to prospective tenants.

While taking care of the security devices, check the background of your tenants as well. Unscreened renters pose a security risk too.

For more information, or any Orlando property management help, contact State Property Management LLC.

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