Rent is due on the 1st of each month. If the rent is not paid by the 5th of the month, a late fee will be assessed as per the lease agreement. If rent has not been received by the 5th of the month, the property Manager is in a position to post a 3 day notice for non-payment of rent on the front door of the property. After 3 days (excluding weekends and holidays) has expired and the resident has not paid rent, we will confer with the owner as to the plan of action. Once their time has expired, we can then file for eviction. The eviction process from beginning to end takes about 30 – 45 days in a normal uncontested eviction.

(Note: If a property is located in a different county than where the rent is to be paid, an additional 5 days (excluding weekends and holidays) must be added to the 3-day notice)

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